PFMC Order Forms

PFMC Displays

The origin of the Order Forms listed below is the Pilgrims of Faith Marian Center (PFMC) A Religious Association, Inc.

The above link shows a picture of the blue metal sided addition to the Epiphany House in which the PFMCvolunteer operations are conducted. This is where the PFMCOrder Forms are processed for mailing and the inventory is on display for personal selection or stored for delivery based on received order forms.

In the Upper Room, there is a Library / Reading Room as well as an Audio and Video Collection with equipment for listening or viewing items from the collection.

The PFMC accepts tax deductible donations for activities such as RETREATS and PILGRIMAGES as well as for BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, and RELIGIOUS ARTICLES displayed as in a CHURCH BOOK RACK. These latter items have been brought back from shrines, holy places, and other pilgrimage sites.

Many of the BOOKS and PAMPHLETS were initially acquired while on pilgrimage but now are obtained from a variety of sources including the original publishers at a variety of discounts which are passed on to the visitors of the PFMC displays.

Please call 856-768-9228 or visit during the hours of 10 AM to 5 PM (Eastern Standard or Daylight Time) unless there is an EMERGENCY.

Livia and Vince Nocella are the principal inventory management volunteers. They have encouraged us to display STATUES obtained from a number of quality vendors. The PFMC Order Forms have specific sections for BOOKS / PAMPHLETS, RELIGIOUS ARTICLES, and STATUES. Please view the ORDER FORMS, print them as you desire and send in your order with a check or the applicable credit card information.

PFMC Order Forms for 2003

November list and picture Order Form pages were inserted into The PILGRIM Portable Document Format (PDF) file which is in color when viewed on line.

December list Order Form and picture Order Form are available for local printing. The picture Order Form is in color when viewed on line. These pages were inserted into "The PILGRIM" for December as black and white printouts.